Wednesday, December 16, 2009

History of Mexico in World War II (condensed version)

Germany sends a diplomat to Mexico.

"Compadres, have a look at your northern neighbor. They're already fighting a two front war in Europe and the Pacific. A hundred years ago they seized half your country. You could make it a three front war and get that land back. Sieg heil! (coughs)."

The Mexicans listen and smile, then go into a room to talk this over.

First one speaks. "Is he crazy? This is the United States he's talking about. If we go to war with them they'll take away the other half of our country!"

Second one answers. "He's working for Hitler. He really is crazy."

The third Mexican comes from an ethnic minority. "My family used to be German. I like what he's saying."

The other two guys look at him. "Yeahyahyah. Go brew some beer."

And that is the history of Mexico in World War II.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Starting a baseless rumor

Before Brion Vibber left the Wikimedia Foundation he hid an Easter egg in the code: the first person who earns 500 featured credits receives a fireworks show and a "you won." And then gets a special user block that can only be undone by another developer.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why daylight savings is a modern invention

[2:11:41 PM] Brian McNeil never worked out how to change the sundial from summertime to wintertime

[2:12:05 PM] Durova says: It's simple but not easy
[2:12:18 PM] Durova says: Pick up sundial; walk south of equator.
[2:12:23 PM] Brian McNeil says: heh
[2:12:32 PM] Durova says: This is why ancient peoples didn't practice daylight savings
[2:12:34 PM] Durova says: ;)
[2:13:29 PM] Brian McNeil says: plus, no rushour of T-rex at 4pm killing those attending hunter/gatherer classes